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How to Become A Private Investigator

One thing that can be fun and interesting after most any career is to Becoming a Private Investigator is something that a lot of people want to do, but not many know how to do it. Although it is easy to get your license in most states, it is surprising how easy it can be to become a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City. There are a few prerequisites to becoming a Private Investigator, but chances are, you already meet most of those prerequisites. If you meet all of the prerequisites, then you can go to the courses needed to become a Private Investigator. Once the courses are complete you can take the state exam in order to get your license. If you want to go further and be able to carry a firearm on the job, you have to do more courses and take another test.


In order to become a Private Investigator, one must be at least 21 (in some states that age is 25). You also have to be a citizen in the United States, have no felonies on your record, no dishonorable discharges from the military, and you need a high school diploma or GED certificate. If you don’t pass on all of these things, then being a Private Investigator may not be for you. Chances are that you will get caught if you lie on any of these. If you pass on all of these things, you are ready to get educated in the field.


There are many courses out there that can get you your Private Investigator license. These courses are typically held at trade schools and teach you extremely well on how to become a Private Investigator. These courses are usually taught in phases, due to the different types of jobs that require this kind of training. Also, some people may not choose to become an Armed Private Investigator. Choosing to be an Armed Private Investigator is usually much safer and recommended for everyone that is choosing to be a Private Investigator.


Once you complete the education requirements for the type of work that you want to do (whether armed or unarmed) then you can take the test. Every test is different for each state, but for the most part, they cover the same basic stuff. The test isn’t too difficult and doesn’t require any other knowledge than what you learned in the classes that you should have taken before the exam. You may have to study before this exam, but all of the questions that are on the test should be coming from the book that you should have received in education.

Finalizing Forms and Submitting Application for State Licensing

Once you completed your test, you must now submit the application to become a Private Investigator. When submitting your application, you must include a notarized application, fingerprints, a background check, personal and professional references, documentation of experience and education (diplomas), proof of a bond (no less than $10,000 unless you already got hired by a company, then they should take care of this), and a license fee, application fee, background check fee and fingerprint fee. Once you submit all of this, you will be getting your results back in the mail a few weeks after they receive the application.

For a complete rundown on how to become a private investigator, please see the video below as it contains some really helpful information: