Business increases the productivity of employees with ADHD via providing all natural ADHD supplements

The HR department of a medium sized business has been able to help employees with ADHD to increase their productivity via the provision of all natural ADHD supplements.

The members of the HR department began to get concerned when particular employees were always handing in reports late, and there were increasing number of supervisors complaining that they did not follow instructions, they seemed bored most of the time, were easily distracted, seemed to be day dreaming and they always strive to involve the rest of the staff members in endless chatter, distracting them from their work.

The HR managers had a meeting to discuss what they could do about these particular group of employees. They decided to monitor them for one week. The most surprising thing about all the employees that supervisors complained about was that they exhibited almost similar behavior, despite working in different departments and offices. The HR managers sought to establish common ground. They discovered that they had all been diagnosed with ADHD.

There had to be a way out of this situation that was undoubtedly taking a toll on employee productivity, and soon, there would be some financial consequence. The HR managers thought that changing their departments and closer supervision would be a great solution.

After this was implemented, it was rather obvious that they were headed for a crisis. Some of the supervisors became stressed, and the employees could not stand them. Most of them wanted to quit. A crisis meeting was held. If all these people quit at the same time, it would portray the organization as biased. The HR department would also have to explain why they took such a biased, unfair decision.

During the HR managers’ meeting, one of the ladies admitted that she was also diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago. Surprisingly, the employees she supervised did not have any complaint, even those who had ADHD. She told them her secret: all natural ADHD supplements from

Voila! A solution had been found. There was still a problem, though: they did not know the amount of dosage that would be appropriate. Worse still, who would administer the supplements and ensure that the employees took them?

They sought the help of a nutritionist who advised them to allow her to offer a training on how the supplements would help the employees so that they could have a positive attitude towards them. This way, they would not have a problem using them.

The training was set up, and you could see the smiles on the employees who were on the verge of quitting their jobs.

The nutritionist recommended the following all natural ADHD supplements

A multivitamin formula containing magnesium

A vitamin B complex

Vitamin C taken with flavonoids (usually found in fruits and vegetables)

Evening primrose oil and borage oil

The nutritionist had to adjust the supplements, depending on the severity of the ADHD symptoms. Within weeks, there was a significant improvement in productivity. The supervisors were also trained on how to deal with employees who had ADHD. The company that had become the worst place to work was ultimately transformed into a place that everyone wanted to work. They are now preparing to receive an award for their commendable job.